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CSR Planning

Orange has introduced Corporate Social Responsibility Planning to meet the growing importance of the CSR in the country and extend help companies in planning CSR activities as per their management policy, budget and guidelines.


Any organization across country, engaged in the business, apart from Operation & Maintenance, has to undertake the execution of the ongoing & new projects scheduled under capacity addition programs and has to take up renovation & modernization works of the existing business operations. To propose or set up new venture as an expansion unit to the existing units, it has to obtain clearance for the project from the Government. MOE&F, GoI will direct to furnish a report on the activities to be taken up under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for considering Environmental Clearance.

Or the company has to ensure community development activities to start a new unit in order to improve the socio-economic status of the local population, a set of interventions aimed at raising the socio-economic status and human development indicators of the local community have to be proposed through a community development plan.

In recognition of this and in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India, it has to be proposed objectively to assess development needs of the local communities, to plan and implement measures and to conduct a socio-economic baseline survey. The outcome of the needs assessment and the baseline survey would serve as inputs in preparing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan for the local population.


The objective is to prepare a CSR Plan to develop the geographic area on the periphery of the project site and study how to contribute to the socio-economic development of the areas contiguous in area of operation.


The scope of the study shall cover environmental conditions of MoE&F, GOI in the Terms of Reference (TOR) accorded for the company.

Identification of activities to be taken up under CSR and preparation of action plan with breakup of activities to be undertaken by the company. While identifying CSR activities it shall be ensured that need based assessment for the nearby villages within said radius from the project shall be conducted to study economic measures with action plan which can help in upliftment of poorer sections of society.

Income generating projects consistent with the traditional skills of people shall be identified and implementation programs shall be prepared. Development of fodder farm, fruit bearing orchards, vocational training etc. shall form part of such programs. Vocational training programs for possible self employment shall be identified for imparting to pre- identified villagers free of cost. The study shall also cover various schemes under implementation by Government Agencies and establish effectiveness and suggest suitable measures to strengthen infra structure in collaboration with the Government.

The following fields will be considered while identifying activities to be taken up under CSR:

  • Education
  • Hospitals
  • Drinking Water
  • Roads
  • Sanitation
  • Training facilities
  • Rehabilitation of Physically handicapped people etc

The study will cover the entire area that will be affected due to the Company. The study will be exhaustive, focused and will meet the requirements of MoE&F, GOI, if applicable and CSR objectives.

The scope of study includes carrying out a sample baseline socio-economic survey to generate the necessary data and information, so as to prepare an appropriate CSR Plan for local population. The broad scope of work includes the following:

  1. To generate a baseline profile of the villages in neighboring the project site and detailing the existing community infrastructure facility.
  2. To generate a profile of accessibility and availability of basic amenities such as schools, colleges, ITI, Polytechnics, health facility, water facility, transport facility, roads, recreation facility etc in the identified villages.
  3. To generate a baseline skill profile of the local population.
  4. To provide the details of the income generation programs and employment programs and schemes implemented locally by the concerned administrative setup.
  5. To generate a baseline of the skill upgradation and training programs implemented locally.
  6. To generate a baseline of the institutions that provide the skill development and training for income generation.
  7. To verify the presence of vulnerable groups such as widows, SC/ST, disabled, women headed etc among the affected land owners.
  8. Conduct consultation with the local representatives and undertake a gap analysis and priories the development interventions.
  9. To prepare preliminary estimates for the proposed development interventions as part of the CSR.
  10. Prepare a detailed CSR plan including both capital and recurring cost provision and also the CSR activities implemented so far by the company if any will also be mentioned in the report.

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