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Orange Truckers services combine warehousing and distribution, latest systems and technology, Value Added Services to design a solution for your supply chain requirements to meet your goals. Our seasoned teams understand and apply the required resources you need to improve your busines's performance.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our supply chain solutions, warehousing and distribution capabilities include full-service management. Backed by Road and Air freight services, latest technology and strategic facilities, our team have the expertise to put the plans into action. From managing to overseeing delivery, we just don't rest until your products are delivered safely.

Our scope of work comprises:

  • Facility Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Management

Points we follow for warehouse management:

1)Manager - Our warehouse manager is the key pillar. Our manager guides day to day performance, coaches and encourages his or her people, and plans for continuous improvement. A tired old warehouse led by an excellent manager will outperform the sparkling new facility under mediocre leadership.

2)Warehouse Management System (WMS) - The WMS is a tool that empowers the warehouse manager to control and guide the operation. It should support all current processes, be expandable to support future growth, and seamlessly interface to the host ERP system.

3)Best Practices - We adapt methods and procedures that are currently appropriate for your operation. Every warehouse and business situation has its own special needs. The best practices for a giant retail distribution centre will differ markedly from those of a mid-sized industrial distributor.

4)Training - Our employees are trained on procedures, including interaction with the WMS. Our manager spends quality time with each team member to coach and encourage him or her.

5)Motivation - Employee motivation is our prime motto. We usually post charts of comparative performance to encourage competition. We collect data from the WMS and standards are set for each warehouse task. Our employees who exceed standards are rewarded suitably. Ultimately, our goal is increase in productivity.

6)Physical Plant - An excellent warehouse includes adequate dock capacity, ample staging areas, appropriate storage (pallet rack, shelving, flow rack etc.), and suitable equipment (carts, pallet jacks, fork lifts, order picking trucks, etc.). In general, a single level warehouse is preferable, but conveyors and other mechanization can make a multi-level facility nearly as efficient.

7)Automation - This includes vertical and horizontal carousels, conveyors, automatic stacker cranes, automatic pallet wrappers and many other mechanizations. Our forward thinking warehouse managers will periodically evaluate potential automation projects. The guiding principle here is whether any proposed automation investment provides an acceptable financial return.

Combining these points will help us streamline your warehouse processes and allow it to run at maximum efficiency - resulting in an increase to your bottom line

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