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Company Overview

As managing logistics has become increasingly recognized as the new competitive world, Orange Truckers has come forward to build responsive logistics solutions that create competitive advantage.


The vision of Orange Truckers is to become most preferred service provider in the markets we service.


The mission of Orange Truckers is to provide responsive, responsible and efficient services to the customers while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity.

Orange Truckers will achieve the mission by dedication to excellence in customer service, providing avenues of access to businesses pursuing the best value identifying new sources of supply encouraging competition, developing and maintaining positive relationships with customers, vendors and complying with all laws of the land.

Orange Truckers offers complex solutions, comprised of fast and flexible transportation, warehousing and distribution capabilities that improve product flow across your supply chain. At the same time our service philosophy remains very straight-forward: after thoroughly analyzing your business needs we design flexible, customized solutions, and execute them with absolute clear focus on quality.

Orange Truckers offers integrated 3PL services with leading edge technology. Our well-balanced and integrated infrastructure includes an extensive, well-maintained fleet. We have the expertise and ability to successfully and seamlessly adapt and integrate our resources into an effective solution for any logistics need. Many of our service offerings have resulted from our focus on providing value to our customers’ supply chain needs and achieving the fundamental principles of our vision.

Orange Truckers has been recognized for the quality, innovation and continuous improvement.

Orange Truckers is known for consistently providing high quality, exceptional service, and reputation for high level of integrity and flexibility; we have been able to form stable, long-term relationships with outstanding industry leading customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their business needs and create solutions that leverage our exceptional people, equipment, systems, and processes. With our superior customer service we’ve become known and respected for and you’ll quickly see why Orange Truckers “go to” resource for high-performing companies.

Today, companies from segments such as Pharmacy, Retail, FMCG, Engineering and Seeds are utilizing our services and have hugely benefited from our offerings. Backed by seasoned team and guided by strong key performance measures and Industry standards, Orange Truckers is the best option for your supply chain needs.

Dedicated Fleet

Orange Truckers speciality is Designing and creating customized fleets. Our focus is Cost management, safety, service, and continuous delivery of customer value.

Orange Truckers Offers

  • The opportunity to free up capital and eliminate the burden of asset ownership or lease obligations.
  • The ability to “right size” your fleet with additional requirement during peak periods.
  • The comfort of converting uncontrolled costs into known, fixed payments.
  • Reduced exposure to the ever changing trucking regulations and associated compliance issues.
  • The ability to display your corporate logo on the vehicles and driver uniforms.
  • Significant reduction in Worker’s Compensation and employment related regulatory issues.
  • Time and cost savings associated with driver recruitment, hiring, and training.
  • Uninterrupted service through experienced replacement drivers.
  • Clean, well maintained vehicles to project a high quality image for your company.
  • Access to a wide range of logistics management experience.

Let us show you how a burdensome cost centre could easily be transformed into a competitive advantage without any capital investment.


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