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Orange Truckers endeavours to be the preferred partner for all integrated solutions to the clients we deal with. We offer transport and warehousing services across Andhra Pradesh and adjoining states in India. We are committed to customer care with the knowledge and commitment to provide customized solutions to the clients.

  1. What are best practices in transportation?
    • The transportation sector has evolved significantly from pulling carts to trucks. As with any nascent industry, there are industry leaders and local/regional inexperienced operators. Orange has distinguished itself in adoption and implementation of “Best Practices” across its transport service offerings.
  2. What happens in case of a vehicle break-down?
    • The first priority in case of a vehicle break-down is to ensure the safety of the goods carried and it is imperative to move the cargo quickly to a back-up truck so that the cargo can reach its destination on time.
    • Orange Truckers will ensure the customer - the trucks are constantly monitored by the supervisor with the driver over phone and intimate the same to the customers via sms or phone & email and a back-up truck is normally dispatched within industry accepted time limits of a break-down
  3. Why on time transportation is most essential?
    • Different industries require their raw materials and finished goods to be transported on time. This is necessary to preserve the integrity and quality of the overall product. Consider the illustrative example of a food items, as it moves from the field to the fork. The implementation of an effective solution minimizes loss of texture and flavour to produce and delivers fresh products to the end user both in and out of season. Other industries that rely on solutions for their products include Pharmaceutical, Meat & Poultry, Retail, FMCG.
  4. How to choose a service provider?
    • India has relatively under developed in providing quick solutions for their transportation needs and the service providers are primarily local or regional players. Companies offering these services need to have
    • Proven track record
    • Domain and technical expertise
    • Risk mitigation strategies
    • Trained staff
    • Modern & young fleet of vehicles

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